Call for Papers

Social Information Systems Minitrack

Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-52)

Track:  Digital and Social Media

Conference Date: January 8-11, 2019 | Maui


*** Submission Deadline:  June 15, 2018 ***


With the advent of Web 2.0 social media technologies have been spreading. They add to the existing forms of transactional information systems by focusing on user generated content and the interaction with users. Beside technical aspects and requirements (e.g. Web 2.0 techniques, semantic interoperability, data analysis and fusion, social analytics), the integration of different parties, such as internal as well as external stakeholders, has become an important challenge for these social information systems. They may be defined as information systems that are „based on social technologies and open collaboration.“


From this definition, four characteristics of social information systems may be derived: weak ties, social production, egalitarianism and mutual service provisioning. Weak-ties are spontaneously established contacts between individuals that create new views and allow combining competencies. Social Production is the creation of artifacts, by combining the input from independent contributors without predetermining the way to do this. Egalitarianism is the attitude of handling individuals equally. Social information systems overcome the separation of the service provider and consumer by introducing the idea, that service provisioning is a mutual process of service exchange and thus co-creation of value.


In this minitrack we seek papers that explore how social information systems are designed, implemented, operated and integrated. Possible topics are:


– New methods for developing and understanding social information systems

– Impact of weak ties, social production, egalitarianism and mutual service provisioning

– Businesses processes enabled by social information systems

– Link of social business processes and other business processes

– Modeling of social processes for social information systems

– New technologies and architectures for social information systems

– Data creation and analytics within social information systems


For further conference details, schedules and submission guidelines, please see: Selected paper of the minitrack will be fast-tracked to a special issue of Electronic Markets – The International Journal on Networked Business (, IF: 1.404).


Minitrack Co-Chairs:


Rainer Schmidt (Primary Contact)

Munich University of Applied Sciences


Rainer Alt

Leipzig University


Selmin Nurcan

University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne